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We provide computer hardware repair on any types of material:
- Desktop components, such as Motherboards, Graphics Card, CPU, Memory, etc...
- Laptop computers.
- Servers.
- Printers
- Scanners
- And peripheral components such as External Drives, Network Hardware, etc...


With 90% of personal computers on the planet working with some kind of Windows Operating System, many computers are vulnerable to Virus and Spyware. Our technicians are professionals in isolating and correcting problems that your computer may encounter.


Many people or businesses tends to rely too much on the one hard drive located on their machine, without setting up an external backup. In case of hardware malfunction or virus attack, all data will be lost.
TECH HELP can help you setup a self-operating backup system with all the necessary software and hardware.


Once your data has been lost, TECH HELP will try to do its best to recover your data, depending on the damage that was done to your hardware. However, your data will be recovered most of the time.


Our originality and our ability to reference websites on the web allows us to create for our customers, websites with a large commercial impact.

We discuss your project to advise you about the effectiveness of your site and its readability on the Web.


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We speak

French and English

Where we operate in

French Geneva Suburb