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Webcasting solutions are an ideal way for businesses to share information with a select and geographically scattered audience – with plenty of visual aids to make sure that everyone gets the same message. You can slash travel costs, accelerate communication and get immediate feedback with this versatile tool.

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1. We come to your office, home, or conference with all the necessary material.

"Important" : On site, we must have access to electrical power and Internet via wifi or cable (Ethernet).

2. We broadcast your event (conference, meeting, wedding, etc…) live on the internet through our dedicated website or on your own website (additional cost will incur to provide for distribution on your own website).

3. The video of your event can be made available on our website for you to watch for as long as you want.


Live Internet webcasting:

- 200 Euros / hour and up to 5 hours of live Internet webcasting.
- 150 Euros / hour and up to 15 hours of live Internet webcasting.
- 100 Euros / hour and up to 20 hours of live Internet webcasting.


- 100 Euros / months for access to your event over the internet.

Please contact us for more details.


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